Can New Bowling Balls Increase Your Bowling Score?

Are you currently an obsessed bowling participant, established to create a terrific spare or maybe a excellent strike in each and every game? Then you definitely will need to make the expense in obtaining new bowling balls that happen to be proper for you personally.

Each bowling session will genuinely make the very best scores in case your new bowling balls hold the particular ease and comfort and model that go along with your game expertise. By acquiring a different bowling ball with each and every attribute complementing your tactic, you may confidently lead the scores.

New Bowling Ball Characteristics

Despite the fact that nearly all of the bowling balls seems to be practically comparable with its circular exterior characteristic, they’re varied in substances, dimension of your ball, measurement of your holes and in some cases designs in it. These cause how victorious your bowling will probably be.

New Bowling Balls

Ball Substances

These new objects have numerous types of substances utilized in production. Essentially the most essential and most affordable includes polyester substances. They’re finest for newbie’s or non-professional people. Polyester contained ball are utilized in straight pictures and so are not so valuable in creating hooks. Most people utilized this type of ball to produce a spare.

Yet another form of compound applied for new bowling balls will be the urethane. They’re additionally suited on generating hooks, and therefore are wonderful for value aware people. Reactive resin ball is yet another type but a lot more favored by masters than urethane balls because it is much more practical on hooks in arid lanes and straight shot within a greasy lane surface.

A wonderful form in looking for your finest would be the particle new bowling balls. But, it’s also the priciest of all of them. It’s broadly wished by most competent bowling gamers mainly because it results in higher electric power towards the ball.

Other Bowling Ball Attributes

When browsing for new balls, a wonderful position out there may be the excellent bowling ball to buy. Nonetheless, one needs to check out also other characteristics prior to acquiring nearly any ball. No matter if these balls are going to be the priciest or even the greatest in delivering better electricity on your ball, in case you are even now an beginner or perhaps an casual participant, these finest forms may well be as well considerably to match your requires.

You’ll find people that obtain the claimed bowling ball with holes that happen to be tailored to match their palms. These create ease in enjoying the activity. Furthermore, some select large new balls but can however be handy.

bowling ball with holes

FAQs About New Bowling Balls

Why do Bowling Ball Manufacturers Come Out with New Balls so Often?

Creativity in design plays a key role in taking the bowling game to a whole new level. For this reason, bowling ball manufacturers keep on producing new balls innovated with extraordinary designs. This way, each player, advanced or beginner, can find a product able to cope with his requirements and satisfy his choice.

In addition, the purposefulness of dimensions also compels manufacturers to come up with new ideas frequently. With varied dimensions, balls acquire enhanced properties to roll and hook. Manufacturers also include variation in the weight of the ball to bring versatility to the game.

Many manufacturers offer bowling balls in customized sizes and allow players to play confidently. Because of all these reasons, we get to see numerous types of bowling balls being produced by manufacturers.

What Kind of Paint is Used on New Bowling Balls?

Paint shields the surface of a bowling ball from the dirt present on the lane. Also, it gives the ball an aesthetic look. Mostly, spray paints are used on bowling balls. But this varies from material to material. The paint that can stick well to a plastic surface may not be efficient enough to last long on other materials.

Bowling Ball paint

Some balls come with polished paint. Such balls experience minimal friction while going through the lane and hook close to the player. This type of painted surface is favorable for those players who don’t want the ball to hook farther.

Likewise, there are many players who find it better to have their bowling balls hooked farther. This way, players also benefit from the energy conserved by the smooth surface because the balls use this energy to hit the pins. For such individuals, manufacturers use paints and polish that reduce the friction of the surface.

How Many Coats of Polish are on New Bowling Balls?

Every manufacturer has a different preference when it comes to the number of coats of polish. But their point of view regarding when to polish the ball after purchase is the same. According to manufacturers, it is very important to keep the ball’s surface polished to ensure smooth rolling.

The need for polish arises when the ball does not roll as expected or hooks before it should. As soon as you notice this change, check if the outer surface is dull. This usually happens after ten to twenty sessions or more frequently if the player is fond of experimenting with aggressive shots.

Where a bowling ball hooks depends on the polish. If the surface is well-polished, it will be less affected by friction and will be able to store more energy to strike the pins. Also, the ball will hook at a greater length. Manufacturers use more than one layer of polish to enable the ball to achieve this target.

However, bowling balls also incorporate a dull finish. Such type of polish is a good choice for you if you prefer early hooking of the ball.

You can also polish the bowling balls by yourself if the manufacturer-done polish goes dull. Before doing that, seek help from YouTube videos and make sure you know enough about the polish types and suitability; otherwise, you may risk ruining your ball. Also, keep your requirements in mind while polishing the ball. But avoid polishing it unnecessarily. Additional coatings may also affect the tendency of a ball to move or hook.

Polish on New Bowling Ball

How Often Should You Get a New Bowling Ball?

Buying a new bowling ball can no doubt help you improve your bowling abilities to a great extent. Best of all, you get an opportunity to learn something new offered by the new ball. There may be two reasons behind switching to a new bowling ball. First, it can be your personal choice. As soon as you find that you have invested a lot of time using the same ball, you can buy a new one. Before purchasing the new replacement, make sure you have gained sufficient experience from the old one.

The other reason could be the poor condition and performance of your current bowling ball. When you notice that the ball is not giving the desired results, it’s time to invest in a new ball. If your old ball has a rough surface and does not hook properly, check if the issue can be fixed or not. A non-fixable issue sets the need for a new bowling ball.

On the other hand, if you come across irreparable abrasion of the cover stock, you should delay no further and buy a new ball. A worn-out cover stock causes the ball to react, roll and hook differently as well as improperly. Furthermore, you should buy a new bowling ball at the earliest if the finger holes are no longer comfortable and satisfying.

Like every avid player, you would want to polish your bowling expertise. Therefore, you need to be careful about all the aspects mentioned above. However, you can change the ball anytime as there is no strict rule to follow to add a new bowling ball to the existing set. As a piece of advice, we recommend you ensure regular maintenance of the ball if you want to use it for years to come. If maintained well, the ball can serve you for five to seven years.

Is There Such Thing as Breaking in a New Ball?

Just like you take some time to get used to wearing a pair of new shoes, a new bowling ball also demands practice. A freshly purchased bowling ball comes with new attributes, such as construction material, dimensions, weight, and placement of finger holes. All these attributes contribute to the overall performance of the ball in a novel way. As a result, you may not be able to give your 100% initially.

But there is no need to worry as this break-in period does not last long. With consistent practice and concentration, you can overcome the problem and obtain the desired results from this new ball as well. For that, you will have to arrange practice sessions more often and analyze the reaction of the ball to your throwing techniques attentively. Also, the ball may demand a unique hand posture to hook it successfully. Trying different lanes also helps understand the nature of the ball.

The polish, paint, and material are also game-changers. In case your previous ball was made from reactive resin, hooking the ball would not be too difficult for you. Now switching to a polyester bowling ball can challenge your bowling expertise. Since polyester balls are not so good at hooking, you will have to learn more about them patiently. That’s why we want you to adjust your capabilities according to the demand of the material as well. Similarly, the coating of polish and paint minimizes or increases the friction of the ball. Keep all these aspects in mind while using a new bowling ball.

All in all, breaking in a new ball is normal. More or less, every bowling ball will need you to invest some time and sessions in order to become a pro at using it. Just be aware of the factors that affect the performance of the ball and keep on practicing with dedication.


The novelty of a bowling ball can make a difference between winning or losing a game. The substances present within the bowling ball, its dimensions, the measurement of the finger holes, and designs are all important factors for your new bowling ball to provide you a good score.

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