How to Choose the Best Bowling Wrist Support?

For bowlers, two things take precedence over everything else; success in the field and prevention of injury. Wrist support is a durable, flexible, and highly breathable unit that proves fruitful in the field. But before you jump to any conclusions, here is an article to help you make an informed decision.

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Best Bowling Wrist Supports

Finding a unit that caters to every need of yours can be quite a challenge. There are all kinds of units in the market, from those made for medical purposes to those used as mere positioners only. Here is a list of five excellent models in the market.

Kool Kontrol Bowling Wrist Positioner (Large, Right)

When it comes to the best bowling wrist supports, this one usually tops the list. It is one of the most durable bowling wrist supports that come with an excellent warranty. But more importantly, the fabric used for construction allows for better functionality and higher aesthetic appeal. Not just that, but the fabric was fine enough to ensure better comfort.

The perspiration from my body was easily evaporated and left me feeling cool throughout. Additionally, I really liked that the model was made of very breathable material. This not only added to comfort but also prevented the straps from smelling.

Moreover, the straps are made with Velcro material that allows for greater strength and better adjustability. There is also a front and back metal support system that prevents any major or minor injuries from happening. This ensured that my hardball’s weight never wore me down and that I could enjoy every game with full fervor.

These straps also provide a secure and complete fit. The metal support is also removable. Both these features ensured that I could position my wrist accurately. In addition, this allowed me to practice better accuracy and precision on the field.

However, like most other units, this one also comes with some disadvantages. The major issue with this unit is that it comes in large only and is suitable for left-handed users. So, if you bowl with both hands or prefer switching between them on the field, then you may need to invest in two separate wrist supports.

Having said that, I was still pleased to know that the model allowed for an effective release and incredible support. All in all, if you too are looking to position your wrist accurately and enjoy outstanding results in the field, then I recommend this model. Kool Kontrol Bowling Wrist Positioner (Medium, Right) Kool Kontrol Bowling Wrist Positioner (Medium, Right)

  • Unique fabric construction improves comfort by allowing perspiration to easily evaporate
  • Proven classic styling provides exceptional support and outstanding results, keeping your wrist in the proper position throughout your release
  • Removable metal supports in both the front and back are designed to provide comfort and support while placing the wrist and hand in the proper position for an effective release …

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Brunswick Shot Repeater X Positioner- Left Hand

Brunswick is one of the most popular brands in the market, so it comes as no surprise that all its products offer good reliability. But brand repute is not the only reason why I love this model.

For starters, these support systems are made especially for bowlers. This is because bowling requires consistency and precision. In many instances, bowlers tend to get a wrist strain, especially when bowling at high speeds. This is where this superior product came in handy for me. Brunswick provided me with a comfortable support system that relaxed my wrist and freed me from any burden.

Moreover, the model is highly durable and comes with a very sturdy design. The best thing about it is that it allowed strength without making me compromise on flexibility. The fact that it achieves this perfect balance between these integral features is what sat well with me.

Furthermore, the model came with a strong metal insert placed on the front and back sides. These not only kept my wrist in perfect position but also provided better support and lock to my entire arm.

I was also happy to know that these wrist supports tend to ensure better shot repeating ability. This was integral to me because I wanted to shoot every shot with equal consistency. This smart unit hence allowed extra strength and prevented any strain on my wrist.

I was also pleased to find out that the fabric used is both lightweight and highly portable. For starters, it can be kept inside a bag and transported anywhere easily. Secondly, the sleek and lightweight body allowed additional breathability and ventilation. When I wore them, I could not only keep any bad odors away, but I was also able to avoid any minor wrist pains that occur due to continuous playing.

The model, however, comes with one major disadvantage. Compared to many others in the market, this wrist support one is relatively expensive. But what it lacks in cost-effectiveness, it makes more than up for in portability and durability. All this made it a must-have.

Brunswick Shot X Repeater Positioner, Left, Large

Brunswick Shot X Repeater Positioner, Left, Large

  • Product Type: Sporting Goods
  • Item Package Dimensions: 3.7 L X 16.2 W X 26.7 H (Cm)
  • Country Of Origin: China
  • Item Package Weight: 0.117 kgs

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Storm Xtra-Hook Right Hand Wrist Support, Black, Medium

Regardless of how much time you spent on the field, this model proves worth your while. It not only boasts of all the exceptional features like good durability, cost-effectiveness, and high portability, but it also helps against any major or minor wrist pains. But there is so much more to the story. Here is everything you need to know about this Storm X-tra model.

Bowlers are required to bowl in different directions and at different speeds. Hence, they want a model that doesn’t restrict their movement. I also wanted to buy a unit that allowed me to experiment with different techniques. The best thing about this Storm wrist support was that it allowed for an extended index finger. This, in turn, allowed me to increase the axis rotation. Together, these features let me bowl at better speeds and adapt to different styles.

I was also impressed with the outstanding comfort and durability that it offered. As a bowler who played for recreational purposes and leagues, I wanted to enjoy a good lift too. Using this Storm support helped me enjoy good stability and increased the overall lift that I had. I was also able to enjoy an overall excellent grip.

The Velcro straps also added to the model’s appeal. I was happy to know that I could take the support off as soon as I was done playing. Another thing that I absolutely loved was the model’s ability to absorb sweat. As a person who naturally sweats a lot, I was more than happy with this.

Storm Xtra-Hook Right Hand Wrist Support, Black, Medium

Storm Xtra-Hook Right Hand Wrist Support, Black, Medium

  • Extended Index Finger Increases Axis Rotation
  • Ensures Proper Wrist and Hand Positioning for Added Lift
  • Outstanding Comfort and Durability
  • Velcro Straps for Easy Adjustment
  • 0

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Brunswick Pro Wrist Support, X-Large

Before you look into this model, there’s one thing you should know – it is not suitable for people with tiny hands. It is quite large, so before you buy it, make sure it fits your wrist. This is 3.2 cm in length and 13.2 cm in width with a height of 17.0 cm.

Playing for consecutive days always leads to slight arthritis pain. This not only affected my performance on the field but also led to a deterioration in my mental health. I took the required medicines and got better; however, this improvement was short-lived. As soon as I went back to my old routine, my issue resurfaced.

It was then that I realized that medicines and rest alone were not the solutions. I knew that my wrist would keep suffering until I invested in good bowling support. I looked for medical units that would prevent my pain from occurring in the first place. Similarly, I wanted to get support that would prevent any injuries. Luckily for me, this Brunswick model exceeded my expectations and ensured that I felt no pain at all.

However, you should also know that this model doesn’t offer very good adjustability, so if you are looking for flexible straps and hooks, you should probably consider another design.

Brunswick Pro Wrist Support, X-Large

Brunswick Pro Wrist Support, X-Large

  • Package length: 3.2 cm
  • Package width: 13.2 cm
  • Package height: 17.0 cm
  • Product Type: ORTHOPEDIC BRACE

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Brunswick Bionic Positioner, Right, Large

Whenever someone asks me to recommend an excellent wrist positioner that is also cheap, I always go for this model. I bought this at a time when I was just starting with my career. I was an amateur and knew very little about what a model like this would do to my wrist. Moreover, I was also a fast bowler, so I was a little apprehensive about wearing something that would hinder my performance.

However, much to my delight, this model turned out to be great. Contrary to what people had said, this Brunswick support helped enhance my speed and allowed me to use better axis rotation while bowling. The latter further helped me experiment with different bowling styles – an advantage that came in handy when I was tackling foreign players on the field.

I was also super impressed with the durability the model provided. It came with an aluminum construction that not only gave strength to the design but also made it last considerably longer than most other units. The extended version also added more support to the wrist and allowed me to position it accurately each time.

One thing I was very concerned about was the portability of the model. I knew that many durable units tend to be really bulky and restrict movement. But luckily for me, this was not the case with this model. It was very lightweight and sleek and allowed for maximum comfort. Hence, I could wear it all day without feeling burdened.

The only downside to the design was that it came with a one-year warranty only. This meant that I could only use the design for a short time. However, the low price more than makes up for this fact.

Brunswick Bionic Positioner, Right, Large

Brunswick Bionic Positioner, Right, Large

  • Package length: 4.2 cm
  • Package width: 15.2 cm
  • Package height: 27.6 cm
  • Product Type: SPORTING GOODS

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Bowling Wrist Brace Selection Tips

A good bowling wrist brace can completely revolutionize your bowling experience. This is why we recommend you pay attention to these selection tips before you make the final decision. Here is how you can end up with the perfect model.


Before you consider anything else, you need to consider things like convenience and comfort. This is because if you aren’t feeling comfortable and sporty wearing the unit, it defeats making the extra investment. Some features directly influence comfort.

For starters, you need to ensure that the fabric used for the interior is soft and smooth. Secondly, the wrist support must fit easily on your hands. Lastly, your model should be highly flexible since it will allow you to adjust the tightness according to your preference.


This is the second most important thing to consider. This is because if you are investing in wrist support, you will probably be using the same model for a number of purposes. You want a model that will allow for consistency and smoothness in your performance. For this purpose, you need to look carefully at the design. For bowling, you want a unit that allows for better axis rotation.


The quality of your wrist support will be influenced by durability, a feature that you should always prioritize while shopping. The quality, in turn, depends on a number of other things. You want to invest in a strong material that allows for strength.

Moreover, you don’t want a rigid material that hinders functionality. This is why we recommend you get a highly adjustable unit that allows for loosening and tightening of the metal straps. The quality of the model will also influence the time for which it will last.


It comes as no surprise that bowlers need flexibility in the field. This is why you need to look out for adjustability when searching for a unit. Some units are so tight that they hinder movement in all directions. However, other unique units come with metal straps that ensure better flexibility.


For the best results, you need to buy a unit that is lightweight but also sturdy. You also need to get a unit with maximum breathability and ventilation. The kind of fabric influences these other features.

Breathable fabric is important for two reasons. Firstly, it will ensure that your sweat is easily absorbed. Secondly, it will ensure that your hands and wrists don’t smell bad.

Moreover, a lightweight model is more likely to be portable. You can keep it inside your bag or purse whenever you are going out to play.

Overall fit

You want a unit that can fit on your hands without being too tight. This is where adjustable straps come in. We cannot emphasize more on their importance as we already have. When buying a unit, make sure to look for durable metal straps that can be adjusted at your convenience.

Similarly, it is also ideal to have backhand support if you are just starting with serious bowling. However, if you are a professional and have practice in the field, you can skip it.


Your budget will influence the final decision. Regardless of how much you love a model, you can’t buy it if it exceeds your budget. However, this is not something that should upset you.

Contrary to what people believe, many models in the market offer amazing features without being too expensive.

Bowling Wrist Support

Types of Bowling Wrist Supports

There are a number of wrist supports in the market, but not types are worth considering. When it comes to bowling, two types stand out the most.

Medical Bowling Support

As an athlete and someone who prioritized their health and fitness, I was very cautious about the kind of model I was using for my wrists. I was well aware of the injuries that might occur on the field. However, I didn’t want my fears to dictate me. Rather, I wanted to experience different bowling styles and get a free hand on the field.

Wrist supports in this category were extremely comfortable and came with extra paddings and a piece of soft fabric. Not just that, but they also prevented any serious injuries from happening. But the reason I chose to invest in such models, again and again, was quite diverse. These units allowed greater stability and let me experiment with different techniques.

Not just that, but I also realized that the pain after continuous bowling was quite natural. Every day when I bowled continuously for hours led to intense pain in my wrist. Surprisingly, medical bowling supports helped alleviate this pain to a large degree. Moreover, it prevented the pain from spreading to different parts of my body.

One of the best things about medical bowling supports is that they are lightweight and can be worn for longer durations of time. The use of a comfortable and soft fabric also adds to comfort and convenience.

Wrist Positioners

Prevention of injury is desirable, but what is more important is ensuring greater success on the field. As a bowler, I was more concerned with being at the top of the game than anything else. As I said, I didn’t want to play whilst being too fearful. This led me to invest in some of the most durable wrist positioners over the years.

These differ from medical support units in mainly two ways. For starters, wrist positioners tend to come with adjustable metal straps. These not only come in handy for a better fit but also allow you to loosen the straps whenever you want easily. After a match, I used to get irritated by rigid straps that took ages to come off. Luckily for me, wrist positioners allowed for easy adjustability.

Secondly, compared to medical support units, wrist positioners also tend to be relatively affordable. Apart from comfort and cost-efficiency, I was also drawn to the design because of its stability. Most positioners allowed me to exercise flexibility on the field. Moreover, the adjustable straps meant that I could switch between my bowling styles without feeling too restricted.

I was also impressed with how these units helped with the grip. One thing that I struggled with at the start of my career was a loose grip. I used to sweat a lot, an issue that resulted in me losing quite a few matches. However, after investing in wrist positioners, I was able to tighten my grip easily. This was because these units absorbed most of my sweat and allowed my hands to remain dry for a longer time.

Top Bowling Wrist Support Brands

When it comes to wrist supports, there are a few prominent brands. Such brands are revered by not just bowlers but also many other sportsmen. The top brands include:


This is a brand that almost all bowlers know of. It is a very reliable brand that has been around for quite some time now. It specializes in creating products that aid in recovery.

Most of their wrist supports are used for medical purposes. Hence, they are preferred by people who either suffer from arthritis pain or have recently had an injury. Wearing a Mueller model helps people with a speedy recovery.


This is yet another popular brand that has dominated the market for decades. Unlike most other companies, it doesn’t sell wrist positioners at a very expensive rate. But the best thing about this brand is not its cost-efficient.

The brand is known for producing models that provide excellent grip. Not just that, but they also aid in recovery and are very lightweight. This not only helps with portability but also allows for added comfort.


The reason I added three different models from Brunswick is pretty simple. The brand is known for retaining an excellent reputation ever since it began. The best thing about it is that it knows the right way to achieve the balance between durability and portability.

All the models it produces use a strong yet lightweight fabric. Additionally, the models provide greater flexibility in the field.

wrist support bowling


Before investing in anything, people want to know all about it. When it comes to the best bowling wrist supports, some common questions people have are:

Why Do You Need a Bowling Wrist Support?

A lot of bowlers don’t wear wrist supports, and that’s perfectly fine. However, this is an additional accessory that enhances your skill and allows for greater comfort on the field. Many amateur and beginner-level bowlers also choose to wear wrist support for added stability. Some other reasons for investing in a bowling wrist support include:

More Consistency

A bowler is nothing if not consistent. Leagues and investors will not value you if you can’t maintain a consistent speed and performance on the field. This is where a bowling wrist comes in handy.

It not only stops your back from tilting too much before every delivery but also limits the wrist movement. This, in turn, helps you better regulate your delivery and ensure more consistency in every throw.

Proper Axis Rotation

In a lot of bowling styles, one needs to maintain good axis rotation. An ideal delivery will require your thumb to come out of the hole a little more than your fingers would. This, in turn, ensures better accuracy and precision in your deliveries. Moreover, this ensures that you can get a good axis rotation without hurting your wrist too much.

Better Grip

This is a priority for almost every bowler out there. Regardless of whether you want to throw the ball at a greater speed or simply want to swing it, a good grip is sure to come in handy. With wrist support, you tend to rid yourself of any sweat. The fabric used in most wrist positioners tends to absorb sweat and hence keep your hand dry. With sweat out of the way, you can surely expect an excellent grip.


Many people invest in expensive wrist support only when they get injured. Doctors usually recommend bowlers wear positioners on their hands to prevent any additional pain. Additionally, these units limit the movement of your wrist and further alleviate any pain. Without a suitable model, an injured person is likely to spend a lot of time in pain.


Your physical health, mental health, and pretty much your entire bowling career is at stake if you don’t invest in the right products. In the article above, we have included some of the top models for you to consider.

We filtered these products, so only the most durable and flexible units were at your disposal. All you have to do now is look at the features of each and make an informed choice. But regardless of what wrist support you choose, rest assured that your comfort will go up a notch.

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