Best Bowling Shoes in 2021 – A Buyer’s Guide

Bowling is a great leisure sport and investing in a good pair of bowling shoes is a great way to enjoy the game comfortably. Although you can always rent a pair of shoes in most of the bowling alleys, yet it is a great idea to buy your very own shoes for many reasons. Wearing shoes that are exclusively designed for your feet is not just a relaxing experience but also saves you from possible bacterial infections. Not only that, but it’s also a one time cost that helps you in the long run.

Best 12 Bowling Shoes Available in the Market in 2021

It does not matter if you are a casual bowler or a professional one, investing in the right pair will help you tremendously. Instead of going for shoes that have been worn by so many people, how about getting a nice pair for yourself – with the right fit. And it will reflect on the game too. You do not need to get overwhelmed by the abundance of bowling shoes available in the market.

Coverstock: Aggression Solid
Coverstock: Aggression Solid
Coverstock: Aggression Solid
Coverstock: Aggression Solid

We have done the research for you, and all you have to do is to pick your favorite one from the 12 best bowling shoes below and head to your bowling alley to play.

1. Dexter Turbo II Wide Width Bowling Shoes

The Dexter Turbo II Bowling Shoes are the gold standard when it comes to buying great shoes for men. With a low-profile design, great quality rubber soles, and a durable synthetic material, getting a pair of these is a no brainer.

The best part about these wide width shoes is that they are as good for a right-handed bowler as they are for a left-handed one. This ambidexterity is great as everyone can benefit from these shoes no matter what their bowling style is.

The Dexter Turbo II Bowling Shoes have a raised heel which gives shorter height players a huge advantage when they deliver the ball. Not only that, the heel has a great sliding option that enables you to excel in the game at every round and frame.

These shoes do not just have a chic design, they have inner beauty too! The inner padding is amped up along the back as well as the tongue of the shoe. The thickness does not take away its breathability which is a big plus. It also helps to prevent wear and tear when the bowling shoe is used for a long period of time.

Although the wide width of these shoes is a big plus and the heels give shorter people some more height, yet for petite bodies that have narrow feet, this shoe might not fit like a glove. Also, if you have longer feet you may find these shoes not giving you the ideal fit that you would like. But that should not take away from the fact that these stylish shoes come at a great price. If you are a newbie or an intermediate level bowler, you may find these elegant pair of shoes quite impressive when you go out to your bowling alley. Give these pair a try for $38.94 – $58.31, and you will know what we are talking about!


  • These shoes are great for beginners as well as intermediate level bowlers.
  • At an affordable price, these shoes give you value for money.
  • The Dexter Turbo II has a stylish design which is a blend of classic and modern.
  • These shoes do not rub on your feet and show resistance towards external marks and scratches.
  • They give the bowler some elevation which is great for bowlers with short height.


  • As these shoes have a wider fit, they may not be ideal for bowlers who have too narrow or long feet.
Dexter Turbo II Wide Width Bowling Shoes, Black/Khaki, 8.5

Dexter Turbo II Wide Width Bowling Shoes, Black/Khaki, 8.5

  • Comfort and performance
  • Durability and style
  • The #1 bowling shoe in the world
  • The bowling shoe sizes run half size smaller than the typical shoe size a person wears. For example if you wear a size 10 tennis shoe get a 10.5 bowling shoe.

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2. Brunswick Vapor Men’s Bowling Shoe White/Black

With an impressive minimalist design and a professional look, the Brunswick Vapor Bowling Shoes for Men are great to elevate your game and take you from the beginner to professional category. If you are not sure what bowling shoe will suit your style the most, these elegant pair of shoes take the pressure off you.

They are not just impressive from the outside, but also have a stable base and a comfortable internal sole. With a universal sole option, you do not have to worry about these shoes being right for your bowling style. And the price factor is impressive as well. As a beginner, you would not want to invest in an expensive pair of shoes that you may not be too confident about. Also, as you refine your bowling skills and find your bowling rhythm, these shoes will stun you by helping you achieve your desired movements and slides.

The Brunswick Vapor Men’s Bowling Shoes use great quality material without reflecting it on the price. Boasting the super light EVA outsole, cushioned from the inside, comfortably padded collar and tongue, these shoes will keep your feet comfortable while you enjoy the game.

With a great price of $49.39, these elegant black/ copper shoes can impress anyone in the bowling alley.


  • These shoes are great for beginner level bowlers. They have a professional look but will help you figure out your style.
  • The Brunswick Vapor bowling shoes are extremely light in weight as compared to many other shoes out there in the market. This helps you spend hours in the lanes perfecting your game instead of tiring out by the weight of the shoe.
  • These shoes are affordable, and the name Brunswick will give you the satisfaction of purchasing a great quality bowling shoe without getting broke.


  • Some bowlers show their concern towards the fitting of these shoes. Some find them to be too narrow while others feel these shoes are wider than their liking.
  • Though they look professional, these shoes are not for professional level bowlers. If you are looking for higher level bowling shoes, you can give these a pass.
Brunswick Vapor Mens Bowling Shoe White/Black, 10.5

Brunswick Vapor Mens Bowling Shoe White/Black, 10.5

  • Performance synthetic uppers
  • Foam padded collar and tongue
  • Extra light molded EVA outsole

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3. KR Strikeforce Men’s Flyer Mesh Bowling Shoes

If you go to the bowling alley quite often but do not want to spend a fortune on a pair of shoes, the KR Strikeforce Mesh Bowling Shoes for Men are the answer to your prayers. These bowling shoes are comfortable and durable, and their athletic style exterior gives them a nice touch. The padded tongue and collar along with the textile inner sole linings are what makes this pair of shoes so special. The Strikeforce’s FlexiSlide technology and Komfort-Fit design make sure you are in good hands – or should we say, your feet are in good shoes! These shoes support your feet and make you feel as comfortable as you can possibly get in the bowling alley.

The outsole of the KR Strikeforce Flyer Mesh Bowling Shoes is made of good quality rubber that protects the slide. The bowling shoe has a universal sole which makes it great for both right-hand using bowlers as well as lefties. These shoes are great for beginners as well as intermediate level bowlers.

If you have ever rented a pair of bowling shoes you may have noticed that the rented shoes do not offer you good traction especially when you want to stop a good slide before being out of bounds. With the KR Strikeforce Men’s Flyer Mesh Bowling Shoes, things are different! Without putting pressure on your bank, these shoes give you the style and the performance you are looking for. With a wide range of sizes available, you can get your pair for $38.19 – $49.54.


  • The KR Strikeforce Men’s Flyer Mesh bowling shoes have universal soles and are great for both right-handed bowlers and left-handed ones.
  • Nicely cushioned, the shoes have padded tongue and collar which let you enjoy game after game without tiring you down.
  • Ideal for beginners, these shoes offer great slide thanks to the FlexiSlide technology.
  • If you are an intermediate or a beginner, you won’t find a great price like these shoes offer.


  • These shoes do not have an interchangeable sole that many bowling shoes have.
  • Though they are quite affordable, these shoes are not as durable as many other bowling shoes out there in the market.
KR Strikeforce Men's Flyer Mesh Bowling Shoes, Black/Steel, Size 14

KR Strikeforce Men’s Flyer Mesh Bowling Shoes, Black/Steel, Size 14

  • Engineered mesh upper with universal soles
  • Lighter and more breathable
  • Comfort-fit construction

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4. Dexter Bowling – Men’s – T.H.E 9

Ideal for intermediate and high-level bowlers, the Dexter Bowling Men’s Shoes are your ultimate bowling shoes. These shoes adapt to the bowler’s ever-improving skill set and provide the bowler with great performance.

The Dexter T.H.E. 9 Bowling Shoes are loaded with great features including some that are not commonly found in other shoes. The shoes get their name “T.H.E” from the “Toe-hold Hyperflex Engineering” feature. The hyperflex channel along with the reinforced toe-hold makes this bowling shoe stand out from the crowd.

The bowling shoes are made with great quality material and are right or left convertible. The soles may not be interchangeable which is a setback considering the price of these bowling shoes, yet one cannot deny the durability and quality of these shoes. You can get your Dexter Bowling T.H.E 9 Men’s Bowling Shoes for $186.15.


  • These shoes are made with soft leather that is breathable as well as comfortable.
  • The shoes are quite sturdy and have a stylish exterior.
  • The Dexter T.H.E 9 Bowling Shoes are great for intermediate as well as professional bowlers.


  • These Dexter bowling shoes are pretty expensive, but then so are good quality high-performance shoes. If you are on a budget, you may want to find another bowling shoe.
Dexter Bowling - Mens - T.H.E 9 Black

Dexter Bowling – Mens – T.H.E 9 Black

  • Revolutionary new Toehold system
  • Total interchangeable sole and heel construction
  • Right or left convertible
  • On shoe (removable) THS7 slide pad, H5 ST, THT2 Traction pad, H2 UB
  • In box: 2 shoe covers

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5. Brunswick Light-Weight Comforter Bedding Set 7-Piece Shoes

The Brunswick Light-Weight Comforter Bedding Set 7-Piece Shoes have a sporty design and are super comfortable even after long durations in the bowling alley. These shoes are available in three colors – black/ silver, white/ black, and black/ copper. Constructed using great quality synthetic materials, these shoes boast a foam padded collar and tongue along with performance synthetic uppers. They have universal soles which eliminate the confusion of left-handed and right-handed bowlers, giving you slide soles on both feet.

These Brunswick Light-Weight Bowling Shoes have a super light EVA outsole that provides you with maximum comfort. They are extremely affordable and can be purchased for $39.95 – $55.87. With a good range of sizes to choose from, get your ultra-light and comfy shoes, and enjoy the game.


  • These Brunswich Light-Weight bowling shoes come with universal soles on both feet.
  • These shoes are very economical.
  • They are constructed using good quality synthetic materials.


  • Some bowlers found the shoes to be too narrow.
Brunswick Vapor Mens Bowling Shoe Black/Silver, 7.0

Brunswick Vapor Mens Bowling Shoe Black/Silver, 7.0

  • Performance synthetic uppers
  • Foam padded collar and tongue
  • Extra light molded EVA outsole

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6. Karma Ladies Bowling Shoes

Why go for men bowling shoes when you can have chic options like the ones provided by Brunswick Karma Ladies Bowling Shoes. Constructed with great quality textile, these shoes are light in weight and super comfortable. They come with a well-padded collar and tongue and performance mesh uppers.

The Karma Ladies Bowling Shoes are nicely cushioned and soft from the inside so you do not have to worry about irritation and blisters. There is a light-weight rubber outsole. In addition to this, there are also pure microfiber slide soles on both the shoes. The laces let you adjust the grip level. You can find these shoes in different colors and styles – Chameleon, Denim, and Grey.

With an affordable price of only $29.95 – $53.66, you can select your size from a range of 6 to 9.5, and enjoy a classy way to bowl.


  • These shoes are affordable and instead of renting out shoes from the alley, you can buy a pair as they do not cost much.
  • The Karma Ladies Bowling Shoes are specially designed for women bowlers, so instead of figuring out your size in men’s bowling shoes, you can buy a pair exclusively designed for women’s feet.
  • The Karma Ladies Bowling Shoes have a foam padded collar and tongue and are quite comfortable.
  • They are stylish and light in weight.


  • Some bowlers found the felt to be quite thin. Moreover, these shoes may not be as long lasting as you would have liked them to be.
  • These shoes do not have a true to size fit.
Brunswick Ladies Karma Bowling Shoes- Grey/White, 7

Brunswick Ladies Karma Bowling Shoes- Grey/White, 7

  • Performance mesh uppers
  • Foam padded collar and tongue
  • Light rubber outsole

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7. BSI Women’s Classic Bowling Shoe

The BSI Women’s Classic Bowling Shoes have a classic design and give you a retro feel when you are out bowling. They are made with great quality materials and boast high-quality stitching to make sure these shoes are durable and comfortable at the same time.

One of the highlights of these shoes is that they offer the bowler a good amount of toe space. This way your toe does not feel cramped up or irritated, and also, it is not as roomy to cause your toe to slip. This feature makes these shoes super comfortable and a favorite among women bowlers.

The BSI Women’s Classic Bowling Shoes have a padded tongue and collar and a super light EVA midsole. The glued slice sole along with its chic black/ purple finish makes it a great shoe.

Providing you with a great balance and hence overall performance, these shoes are nicely priced at $36.00 – $45.86. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can always put a pair of these shoes as a backup in your bowling bag.


  • The BSI Women’s Classic bowling shoes have sliding soles that offer you a great slide.
  • They have an attractive retro design.
  • These shoes have reinforced stitching which makes them quite sturdy.
  • The price of these BSI Women’s retro shoes is great – affordable yet good in quality.


  • These shoes do not have a lot of arch support.
  • They are one size bigger than normal sizing so order one size smaller.
BSI 654 Women's Classic #654, Black/Purple, 7.0

BSI 654 Women’s Classic #654, Black/Purple, 7.0

  • Sport leather uppers
  • Padded Tongue and collar
  • Glued slide sole
  • Common sliding sole
  • Lightweight EVA midsole
  • All shoe size’s (5 to 11) run one size big than expected and ORDER A SIZE SMALLER

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8. BSI Men’s Basic #521 Shoes

The BSI Men’s Basic #521 is quite famous among bowlers as it is affordable and always remains in-stock. Not only that, these shoes are comfortable and boast a good construction with a synthetic leather upper along with rubber soles. The outer sole is constructed using microfiber which enables these shoes to easily slide when you are bowling.

These shoes are not just nicely cushioned and comfy, but they have an attractive sneaker-like design. However, this design does not guarantee that they are as durable as a sneaker, as they are sadly not.

With only $29.02 – $43.68, these black BSI Men’s Basic Bowling Shoes are great for bowlers on a budget.


  • These shoes have a chic sneaker-like design.
  • They are excellent for bowlers who have a limited budget in mind.
  • The BSI Men’s Basic #521 Bowling Shoes are comfortable and great for sliding.


  • These shoes are not as durable as many other competitors out there in the market.
BSI Men's Basic #521 Bowling Shoes, Black, Size 11.5

BSI Men’s Basic #521 Bowling Shoes, Black, Size 11.5

  • Lightweight durable rubber outsole
  • Action leather upper
  • Common sliding sole
  • Microfiber sliding sole
  • Extra plush insole/sock lining

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9. Dexter Dani Shoes

Offering an excellent balance between grip and slide, the Dexter Dani Shoes for Women is ideal for beginners. The shoes have microfiber insoles that take care of the sweaty feet by keeping the moisture and hence the smell away and preventing any bacterial growth. Not only that, the mesh lining keeps the internal air circulated keeping the inside of the shoe as dry and comfortable as possible.

These shoes are constructed using good quality synthetic material and a fully fabric-lined interior with a padded tongue and collar. These shoes slide nicely and offer you a great experience on the bowling lanes.

The Dexter Dani Bowling Shoes come in an attractive black/ turquoise exterior which gives the shoes a chic and sporty feel with a hint of professional touch – which is something great to have if you are starting out. With a price of $42.95 – 57.60, these shoes are worth every dollar your spend.


  • These shoes offer you a good grip on the bowling lanes.
  • These comfortable shoes are breathable and have microfiber insoles. The collar and tongue are fabric-lined.
  • They are constructed using high-quality materials and are quite sturdy.
  • These shoes are stylish and budget friendly.


  • These shoes are only recommended for beginners. If you are a professional bowler, you may want to skip these shoes.
Dexter Dani Bowling Shoes, Black/Turquoise, 7.5

Dexter Dani Bowling Shoes, Black/Turquoise, 7.5

  • Soft durable man-made upper
  • Fully fabric-lined with padded Tongue and collar
  • U-throat upper pattern

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10. Storm Gust Shoes

Constructed using a great quality cotton canvas upper, the Storm Gust Bowling Shoes for Men are chic and comfortable at the same time. These shoes have a modern construction and a great fit. They are light in weight and are made using great quality material and a non-marking rubber outsole.
The Storm Gust Bowling Shoes are available in three colors – grey, black, and blue, and you can get your pair for only $49.21.


  • These shoes have a modern and chic design adding style to your bowling.
  • They are light in weight and provide you a great fit.
  • These shoes are well-padded and comfortable.


  • Some bowlers did not find these shoes as sturdy as other bowling shoes.
Storm Gust Bowling Shoes, Grey/Black/Blue, 10.0

Storm Gust Bowling Shoes, Grey/Black/Blue, 10.0

  • Lightweight and cool cotton Canvas upper
  • Fabric-lined with padded collar
  • Classic blucher upper pattern
  • Country of Origin:China

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11. Dexter Men’s DX22551 100-P Pro-AM II Right Handed Shoes

The Dexter Men’s DX22551 100-P Pro-AM II Right Handed Bowling Shoes have a classic rubber outsole and raised heels. These shoes are comfortable and cost-friendly at the same time. These shoes are also great for bowlers with foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis and flat-footedness as they provide excellent arch support without the need of adding inserts.

Exclusively designed for right-handed bowlers, these shoes have a soft man-made upper and a blucher upper pattern for a proper fit. These shoes come with a classic rubber outsole. The fully fabric-lined interior with comfortably padded tongue and collar make these shoes ideal for bowling alleys. The slide shoe has the microfiber S8 slide sole and the shoes offer a smooth braking control.


  • These bowling shoes are comfortable and light in weight. They provide much-needed stability when inside the bowling alley.
  • The Dexter Men’s DX22551 Pro-AM II Right Handed Shoes have a good sliding and braking mechanism.


  • Some bowlers find these shoes to be too stiff.
  • Some bowlers also find the heels to be too sticky and suggest cleaning the heels before each use as the heels tend to stick the dirt and oil residue from the floor.
Dexter Mens Pro Am II Bowling Shoes (10 1/2 M US, Black)

Dexter Mens Pro Am II Bowling Shoes (10 1/2 M US, Black)

  • Are you looking for a high quality bowling shoe with Performance characteristics at an affordable price
  • The Dexter Pro Am II Bowling shoes are the ones for you
  • RIGHT HAND BOWLERS ONLY Soft Durable Man-Made Upper Blucher upper pattern for adjustable fit Fully Fabric-lined with Padded Tongue and Collar Classic Rubber Outsole Raised Heel Rubber push-off sole Microfiber S8 slide soles on slide shoe …

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12. Dexter Bowling – Men’s – SST 8 Pro

They are stylish and boast great quality with high performance – the Dexter Bowling SST 8 Pro Bowling Shoes for Men are as good for professional bowlers as they are for intermediate level ones. Constructed using full-grain leather, these shoes are top of the line. They are durable and comfortable, and exactly what a pro bowler needs in the bowling alley.

One of the best thing about putting on these bowling shoes is that you do not have to worry about your sweaty feet slipping in the shoes. The Dexter Bowling SST 8 Pro has a great ventilation system.

These shoes have interchangeable soles which is a big plus. You will find their rubber outsoles to be great for strong slides and longer hours at the bowling alley. Their comfort and breathability factors make them give you unmatched performance.

One of the strongest features, however, is the interior of the shoe. With a high quality padded collar and a super comfortable insole, you get the best possible experience while you bowl. The impressive black/ blue color and intelligent design make it a favorite among professional bowlers. You can purchase yours for $126.10 – 160.21.


  • These bowling shoes come with an EVA midsole that makes each pair more stable and comfortable.
  • These shoes are extremely breathable due to their intelligent ventilation construction.
  • You don’t need a break-in period for the shoes to get comfortable around your feet.


  • These shoes are expensive as compared to many other bowling shoes.
Dexter Bowling - Mens - SST 8 Pro

Dexter Bowling – Mens – SST 8 Pro

  • Interchangeable Sole
  • leather toe drag

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Types of Bowling Shoes to Choose From

There are two main types of bowling shoes:

Recreational/ Athletic Bowling Shoes

The Athletic style or recreational style bowling shoes are good for beginners and intermediate bowlers, or those who love to go to the bowling alley as a hobby. These bowling shoes look like a sneaker and have the same type of fitting. If you like to bowl on weekends or mainly once a week, you can get yourself these recreational/ athletic bowling shoes. These shoes have the typical gliding sole. Instead of renting a shoe, you can buy a pair of these shoes – this will give you a better and personalized fit.

Performance Bowling Shoes

If you are a serious bowler who is into bowling tournaments or prefer going bowling multiple times in a week, you should definitely invest in a pair of performance bowling shoes. These shoes are not only customized as per your size, fit, and preference, but are also personalized for your approach in the game.

The performance bowling shoes generally have interchangeable soles, so your slide matches your style as well as the surface of the bowling alley. The performance bowling shoes also keep in consideration whether you are a leftie or a right-handed bowler. They are constructed using different soles for each foot. Your dominant foot gets the braking shoe, and the other foot gets the sliding shoe. Your braking shoe gives you more traction when you deliver the bowl in order to give you more stability. For instance, in case you are a left-handed bowler, your sliding shoe will be on your right foot and your braking shoe will be on your left foot.

BSI 654 Women's Classic #654, Black/Purple, 7.0

BSI 654 Women’s Classic #654, Black/Purple, 7.0


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BSI Men's #751 Bowling Shoes, Black, Size 10

BSI Men’s #751 Bowling Shoes, Black, Size 10


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Classic Mens Rental 10

Classic Mens Rental 10


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Pyramid Men's Ram White Bowling Shoes (13)

Pyramid Men’s Ram White Bowling Shoes (13)


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Key Features

Choosing the right shoes is not as difficult as it seems to many bowlers. Still, with so many options out there in the market, selecting your perfect pair can be somewhat confusing. The last thing you want is to negatively affect your performance due to wearing the wrong kind of bowling shoes.

Your bowling shoes need to connect with you and your style of game. Whether you are new to this game or have been playing for a while, keep the following factors in mind while buying your bowling shoes.


You can wear any type of clothing when going out for bowling, but shoes are a different matter. Your bowling shoes define or more like polish your style of bowling. For this reason, you need to make sure that they have the design that suits your feet and personality the most.

There are different styles of bowling shoes – professional style, and recreational /athletic. Each style has its own design template. What is most important is that you are comfortable with its construction and even after playing for hours you don’t feel tired or your feet don’t start hurting. Many shoe designs come with heels that give you an elevation while bowling. While this may seem like a big plus for bowlers which are not very tall, tall bowlers may not be a big fan of those. Similarly, some shoes are wider to accommodate wide feet and to give you a comfortable grip while bowling. On the other hand, if you have narrow or long feet, the wide bowling shoes may not provide you with the edge you are looking for.

Another factor to consider is whether you are a right handed bowler or a left handed one. While many newbies don’t find it to be an important factor, a professional bowler will tell you how important it is to have a braking shoe and a sliding shoe. You can also go for universal soles in bowling shoes that are equally good for both types of bowlers, but they are casual bowling shoes. If you are looking to polish your game, you need to consider what type of shoe you are wearing.

If the design of the shoe is not right for you, you can end up getting foot injuries which is the last thing you would want. While a tight bowling shoe can cause you irritation and foot ache, if your shoes don’t fit you like a glove, you may find it hard to keep balance while bowling. For all these reasons, the design of your bowling shoe plays a crucial role in the game as well as on your health.

Inner Sole

The inner sole is very important no matter what type of shoe you are buying. In the case of bowling shoes, looking at the inner sole becomes crucial. The inner sole should make your feet feel comfortable with a snug fit. It needs to be made with good quality materials so you can enjoy the game for a long time.

If you are already suffering from a foot condition, for example, if you have plantar fasciitis or flat feet, it becomes even more important to invest your time in researching for the right inner sole. In such cases, you must go for specially designed insoles featuring orthotic or memory foam. Although these options could be expensive, there are many new technologies, such as EVA as well as polyurethane insoles that give you a more affordable option.

Your bowling shoes should ideally have a well-padded lining and collars that offer you additional comfort. Not only that, but the cushioned insoles also offer you extra support to make your feet stable while you bowl.

Ventilation is also an important factor to consider. Go for breathable soles so you don’t end up having sweaty feet.

Outer Sole

As a bowler, you need bowling shoes that enhance your competitiveness and performance. For this reason, the ability to slide is extremely important for your technique and style of bowling. A good outer sole is primarily made of rubber. You must look for bowling shoes that have microfibers in the outer sole. This will not only give you the extra boost you need in your shots but will also give you the much-needed slide when you bowl.

You may find some bowling shoes that have their outer soles made of materials other than rubber. Ideally, you should only go for rubber-based outer soles. The rubber outer soles are quite durable. However, if you are a professional bowler, it is common for your rubber based outer sole to experience wear and tear.

When a bowler bowls, the energy is transferred to the bowl, and the outer sole needs to hold you still to give you better performance. For advanced bowlers, it is also important to go for interchangeable sole pads. This will give you the advantage of complimenting your bowling style and technique.

Sliding is also very important when you are finalizing your bowling shoes. The question is, how much do you want to slide? If you are aiming at a little slide while you release the ball, a pair of bowling shoes with a flatter base will work. If you prefer sliding a little when you deliver the ball, you may want to get the bowling shoes with raised heels. In case you want to control the amount of slide after delivering the ball (something that professionals do), you may want to go for interchangeable soles or heels.


When you are buying a pair of bowling shoes, you want them to be durable. After all, you are investing an amount and want them to last for a while. For this reason, always go for bowling shoes that are durable and constructed using good quality materials.

As a general rule, good quality shoes will be more expensive than the ones that use cheap material. You will notice that a lot of bowling shoes that cost less are constructed using synthetic leather. While those made with real soft leather will last for a lifetime but would be high in cost, going for cheap alternatives mean you are compromising on the lifespan of your bowling shoes. Synthetic leather may well have the edge of making your bowling shoes feel lighter and more flexible than many other bowling shoes, they are not as durable as the expensive options that use premium quality leather.

Whether to Rent or Buy?

If you like going to the bowling alley twice or thrice a year, you can rent your bowling shoes from the bowling center and do not really need to invest in a pair. Rental bowling shoes give you the convenience of enjoying the game without worrying about buying one. However, renting a pair comes with a cost. Try adding this cost and you will notice that the amount you pay in a year can buy you a good pair of athletic or recreational bowling shoes!

The rental bowling shoes have universal soles which means that they are equally as good for a left-handed bowler as they are for a right-handed one. However, if you like to bowl once or twice a week, it is a good idea to invest in a pair of personalized bowling shoes. Furthermore, if you plan to join a league or compete in bowling tournaments, you should get yourself a good pair of bowling shoes – athletic or professional style, depending upon your use and style of bowling.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Bowling Shoes

Why Wear Bowling Shoes?

The bowling shoes have sliding soles to accommodate your bowling style. Unlike other shoes, these shoes are designed keeping in mind the left or right handed bowler.

What are Bowling Shoes Usually Made of?

The bowling shoes are usually made of leather and rubber. Expensive ones are made using premium quality soft leather whereas you can also find some made with synthetic leather and are much more cost-friendly.

What is the Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Bowling Shoes?

The main difference between men’s and women’s bowling shoes is the size. The unisex styles follow men’s sizing, so in order to go for a unisex or a men’s bowling shoe, women need to deduct 1.5 from their shoe sizes.

What is the Best Brand of Bowling Shoes?

As mentioned above in reviewing the best bowling shoes, the most trusted and reliable brands for bowling shoes include Dexter, KR Strikeforce, Brunswick, Pyramid, and BSI.

Can you Wear Bowling Shoes Outside?

You should not wear your bowling shoes outside the bowling alley. The external elements, such as debris, food particles, ice, rain, moisture, snow, or oily surfaces can ruin the shoe. Not only that, this can result in you slipping or falling outside or inside the bowling center.

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