Best Bowling Balls – A Buyer’s Guide

Choosing your first bowling ball can be very overwhelming and confusing due to the ton of choices present in the market. Questions start to cluster your mind; what brand to choose? What material should you look for? Which core is the best? What weight do I need and so on. However, you have come to the right place. Read on below to find out more about bowling balls and determine the best one suited to your needs.

How To Choose The Best Bowling Ball?

Bowling with the right ball helps in improving consistency and your scores, but there are different types and sizes of these balls. To get the best pick, you need to choose the size, coverstock type, material, grip, and core type carefully. Read on to find out!

Coverstock: Aggression Solid
Coverstock: Aggression Solid
Coverstock: Aggression Solid
Coverstock: Aggression Solid

Best Bowling Balls

There are plenty of excellent bowling balls present in the market manufactured by good brands. If you still need to figure out which ball to choose, then you are at the right place. We have compiled a list of the top balls present in the market. These are selected by experts who play these games on a national level, and you can find a ball more suited to your needs from the list mentioned below:

Hammer Black Widow 2.0

When discussing the best bowling bowls present, it can be very difficult to find one that has the perfect score. However, the novelty that comes with the Black Widow, along with all the qualities it has, makes this bowling ball a great acquisition. This is a well-polished item that is a mixture of 1000 grain abralon and a hybrid NBT gas mask along with an enameled finishing touch to it.

This bowling ball also has a carbon fiber cover over it, and if your local bowling alley is heavily oiled, then this Black Widow ball is the best one to get. Many PBA bowlers tend to grab this ball whenever the oil density tends to get heavy.

Furthermore, the flex-resic core that supports a carbon fiber exterior, a 0.58 differential, and a turning radius of 2.50 makes it worth every penny. The best part about this is that it has a three-year warranty, so you have nothing to worry about. You can play with this ball as rigorously as you like because its features provide it with a sterling reputation.

Hammer Black Widow 2.0 15lb

Hammer Black Widow 2.0 15lb

  • Coverstock: Aggression Solid
  • Cover Type: Solid Reactive
  • Core: Gas Mask
  • Finish: 500, 1000, 2000 Siaair

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Brunswick Tzone Ocean

Brunswick is an expert manufacturer of bowling balls designed for oily rails, but its strength is not limited only to such trivialities. Their strengths are seen through dual model creation for amateurs and professionals that consolidate the market for one of the best bowling balls. One such creation is the Brunswick Tzone Ocean Reef ball.

This is not only an attractive-looking ball but is one that performs exceptionally well on lanes. Certainly, this bowling ball is ideal for striking a straight shot, and you can even use it as a spare one just in case. The finishing of this product makes it perfect for achieving the top-notch performance that you desire.
There is no doubt that Brunswick is known for manufacturing premium quality balls for their buyers, and this ball is no exception. With the help of this bowling ball, you can learn how to shoot straight at the bowling pin, and it even allows you to enhance your skills. If you are a beginner, then this ball will be the perfect investment to make.

Furthermore, the best part about this ball is that it will move where you want it to go, and it hooks incredibly well too. It has received great reviews by users along with good ratings that make it one of the best bowling balls present today. You can get this in different colors, including silver, blue, and aqua. The exterior is made using polyester, which provides a royal touch and shine to it. Considering the features this ball sports, it is, no doubt, one of the most desirable bowling balls present.

Brunswick Tzone Ocean Reef Bowling Ball Tzone Ocean Reef Bowling Ball, Green/Blue/Silver, 12 lb

Brunswick Tzone Ocean Reef Bowling Ball Tzone Ocean Reef Bowling Ball, Green/Blue/Silver, 12 lb

  • Product Type: Sporting Goods
  • Item Package Dimensions: 21.59 L X 22.606 W X 23.799 H (Cm)
  • Country Of Origin: Mexico
  • Item Package Weight: 5.33 kgs

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Ebonite Omni Bowling Ball

The next famous ball present on our list is the Ebonite Omni Bowling Ball. If you want to take over the bowling lane with one of the best polyester balls present, then you can definitely opt for this product. This bowling ball is perfect for players who are concerned about their bowling style, and with that being said, using this product, you can advance your bowling level.

The core of this ball is made using three pieces, which ensures excellent performance throughout. Its symmetrical core allows you to keep every shot on track and stores energy to provide you with an excellent finish each time around. Furthermore, if you are new to this game, then this ball can be the best purchase for you. Just like every other beginner bowling ball, Ebonite is made using polyester coverstock.

However, this ball is not only for professionals for high-performance, but it has an excellent design. It is one of the most stylish balls for bowling that you can get your hands on, that too at an affordable price point. Since this is a plastic ball, it has excellent versatility, allowing you to move it in the way that you want it to.

If you are on edge to advancing into a more professional level of bowling, then this is a great ball to do it with. It is controllable for beginners and, at the same time, it carries excellent high-end potential that you can make use of.

Ebonite Omni Blk/Blue 14lb

Ebonite Omni Blk/Blue 14lb

  • Sport type: Bowling
  • It reminded everyone of the famous V2, not only because of the familiar black and blue colors, but the usability it provides on so many conditions for many styles
  • The Omni core is a new asymmetric shape for the Ebonite line, and the outer core has the proven DynamiCore technology for more power at impact …

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Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball

Motiv Venom Shock is one of the most effective and incredibly versatile bowling balls present in the market. The reactive solid cover stock on this ball has the ability to react to oil pattern transitions, and the surface changes way better than any other ball present in the market.

The best part about this ball is that it shows the strongest and most consistent motions all along, starting from the breakpoint up till the back end. This ball is very smooth, and even though it lacks a wild back-end flurry that leads to dynamite pin carry, it makes it up in steady motion down its lane. The motion it carries ensures transfer and energy through the pin very well.

Furthermore, its steadiness keeps in effect with different oil patterns, and the hook potential it has allows you to cover the boards with better consistency. It comes in a single color combination which is a gorgeous marbled purple with a bright orange venom snake present on it with a touch of green spelling the words “Shock.”

Altogether, this Motiv Venom shock is one of the most balanced and reactive resin bowling balls present in the market. There is nothing that it can’t do! Its 0.034 differential and 2.48 RG make it an excellent ball for both high-speed bowlers and low-speed bowlers.

Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball (15lbs)

Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball (15lbs)

  • The Motiv Venon Shock has it all at an affordable price
  • This ball pairs the Gear weight block with the Turmoil MFS Reactive coverstock from the Covert Revolt to produce a smooth but angular backend motion that continues through the pins
  • The colors on this ball really pop on the lane and produce shocking results on light to medium oil conditions …

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Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball

If you are an entry-level bowler and want a high-performing bowling ball, then this Pyramid Path Rising ball is the one for you. It comes with changing variables such as rev rate, lane conditions, and ball speed. Furthermore, the technology used in it allows the bowler to go from two-handed to stroker and achieve excellent performance even if the conditions are medium-dry to medium. The greyish metallic color of this ball gives it an incredibly stylish look, and the 8.8-pound weight is perfect for use for adults on the bowling alley.

This ball provides you with an undeniable sense of control, and you can easily fine-tune your hook shot to utmost precision. It comes with a pearl coverstock which is not only durable but also very reactive. The hook potential it provides, along with the symmetrical core, ensures better control of the grip. High-speed bowlers love the performance of this ball and the crazy things it can do.

Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball (Black/Silver, 15lb)

Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball (Black/Silver, 15lb)

  • New Era 139 Symmetric Core, 2.54 RG, 0.032 Differential (Medium Flare Potential)
  • Path Pearl Reactive Coverstock with 1500-Grit Abralon/Factory Polish Finish
  • Gives Benchmark motion on Medium Lanes
  • Versatile drilling options for different bowling styles
  • Perfect Scale Rating: 181.30

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Columbia 300 The Beast Bowling Ball

The Beast bowling ball by Columbia 300 is a dream ball for beginner bowlers and strokers, both of who are trying to reach an intermediate skill level. This ball does plenty of things well, which makes it a great ball to get your hands on. It comes with a reactive cover stock that is properly balanced and helps in forgiving mistakes, and also helps beginners to move up a notch using hook potential.

It also comes with a two-piece symmetrical core that ensures excellent balance, stability and also helps in increasing the lane length to provide you the powerful effect that you desire. The best part about this is that it has a fair price point due to the teaching potential it provides. For oily and dry lanes, this ball slides easily and doesn’t compromise on firmness. With the Beast, you know exactly what you are getting, and that is a great advantage for beginners who are simply trying to get the hang of the perfect hook shot.

Columbia 300 is a world-renowned manufacturer and doesn’t hesitate in making feature-rich and premium-quality bowling balls for you.

Columbia 300 The Beast Bowling Ball- Blue/Red/Black 15

Columbia 300 The Beast Bowling Ball- Blue/Red/Black 15

  • This bowling ball ships UNDRILLED with no holes unless you add drilling services.
  • For decades, Columbia 300 has been revered as a leader in providing outstanding EntryLevel options, and it was one of our goals to preserve this reputation by introducing familiar products in thi

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Storm Photon Physix Bowling Ball

When reviewing the best bowling balls present in the market, it can be very difficult to eliminate the Storm Photon Physix bowling balls. This ball stands out due to the aesthetics, design, and practicality it provides you in the bowling lane. The cover of this model is made by R2S Pearl Reactive and provides users with a better angle at the rupture point and also a better hook when throwing on the track. Smoothness is what Storm Photon Physix provides, and it hits the lane easily and fires hard at the pins with great force.

As far as the coverstock is concerned, this ball is designed for professionals, so it has a polished cover that doesn’t use much energy when carrying movements outside the rupture’s axis.

Furthermore, this ball warms up and offers comfort to both beginners as well as experts, and it has perfect dimensions, weight, and core to achieve a strike. All of its features, along with the gorgeous design, makes this ball incredibly well for all lanes and users.

Storm Proton Physix 16lb

Storm Proton Physix 16lb

  • Coverstock: NeX Solid Reactive
  • Core: Atomic
  • Finish: 2000-grit Abralon
  • Package Weight: 7.575 kilograms

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Track Heat Lava Bowling Ball

The Track Heat Lava is an updated version of the TRack Heat ball. It makes use of the same tri-core symmetrical weight block as the heating ball. However, it is surrounded by a QR-7 Pearl coverstock and is more aggressive, and can withstand rigorous use. This ball also has a better hook with a 500/1000 Abralon polished with powerhouse factory finish polish. The finishing polish on this ball not only gives it a high-end look but also allows the ball to travel further down the lane.

If the bowling alley has a medium to light oil lane, then this ball is perfect for that. The friction provided by this ball is incredibly responsive, making it ideal for expert use. Its lava sparkle color with red initials makes it stand out, and the 12-16 lb weight is easy to handle for everyone. This ball’s specification provides you with the ideal effectiveness, and it can be used on different surfaces easily. You no longer have to compromise on anything with this ball, and its affordability makes it worth buying right away!

Track Heat Lava 15lb

Track Heat Lava 15lb

  • Core: Modified Tri-Core
  • Cover: QR-7 Pearl
  • Color: Lava Sparkle
  • Lane Condition: Medium to Light Oil

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Things To Consider When Buying The Best Bowling Ball

It is not a smart idea to go to the market and grab the first bowling ball you see. However, if you keep in mind the features mentioned down below before going bowling shopping, then you will be able to make a more informed decision.

Coverstock Type/Material

Many people tend to forget about the coverstock and tend to opt for something that simply looks good. However, this is not the case; the coverstock is very important and not just for making your bowling ball stand out but for the amount of hook you will get. When you think of the coverstock, you must have a tire in mind. Different tires come with different threads, which leads to different amounts of friction being created on the bowling lane.

The most common material for the coverstock is plastic, and this can be previewed as a bald tire that won’t have any friction and will be straight as an arrow. Another coverstock is urethane. It is slightly more expensive, but it provides you with good friction.

Ball Size

When it comes to finding the right size of a bowling ball for yourself, you need to keep a few things in mind. Usually, bowling balls are entirely dependent on the weight they have, but most people do not keep in mind that the size matters as well. Bowling balls come in all kinds of sizes, from holes for big hands to small hands. The hole in these balls can be too large for some people, so they won’t be able to have the perfect grip.

Having the perfect fit where the bowler’s hands and the balls’ holes are contoured perfectly in order to conform with the hand is what you need. It is a smart idea to go to a bowling alley and try different sizes of balls (large, medium, and small) to find the size more suited to your needs. For an ideal size, you must focus on the weight and follow the advice mentioned below.

best bowling balls

Ball Weight

This is one of the most important aspects of the bowling ball. If you want to excel at this activity, then having the right weight is very important. If the ball you choose is too heavy, you will end up struggling with throwing it smoothly. Similarly, a lighter ball may not get balanced enough or provide you with enough power to play the game naturally.

Finding the right weight makes a huge difference with your winning streak. When it comes to the ball weight, the rule of thumb to follow is that the ball must be 10 percent of your body weight, up to the maximum ball weight, which is 16 pounds.

Good Grip

Now that size and weight are out of the way, another feature to focus on is the grip. There are two kinds of grips that you can choose from, fingertip and convention. Most house balls tend to be drilled with a conventional grip, which means that you will place your thumb all the way inside the ball, while your ring and middle finger will only go as far as your second knuckle.

On the other hand, a fingertip grip allows your thumb to enter all the way to the ball, whereas your ring and middle finger will go as far as your first knuckle. If you opt for the fingertip grip, then you can also opt for inserts. These inserts are plugs that can go inside the finger holes of the ball, and they have different fits, colors, and shapes to match with the user.

Drilling the Ball

If you find it difficult to figure out your gripping style, then you have another option to turn to: drilling. This is considered a great course of action, and usually, all bowling alleys have a pro shop inside them that offers this option. What this means is that the pro shop owner will watch you throw the bowling ball a few times to figure out your style. This is done because everyone has a different style, and watching you bowl allows the shop owner to figure out the drilling layout ideal for you.

The next step consists of having your span and fingers measured; the shop usually has a measuring ball to determine that. Once you are all assessed and measured up, it’ll take a day or two for your ball to be ready, and you can use this new fitted ball easily without any worry.

Core Type

Bowling balls have different types of cores as well, and each core has a different effect on your game. For example, pancake cores are a common type of core present in beginner bowling balls. Such a core has plenty of features, which makes them perfect for a novice. Due to their core, these balls are easier to control on the lane and do not need any adjustment to your technique.

Furthermore, a pancake core keeps balls straighter to provide and ensure a smooth rolling experience. The second common core present is the symmetrical core which is a bit more advanced. However, since it is balanced, you have better rolling ability with it. You can also find an asymmetrical core that provides you with a bit more control over the ball. This core creates an angular motion to hit the pins easily.

how choose bowling ball

Price and Brand

When it comes to bowling balls brands and which one to choose, you have plenty of options. Brands such as Motiv, Brunswick, Ebonite, Strom, and Venom have produced excellent bowling balls that are ideal for different skill levels. Furthermore, the price of these products can vary according to the features and manufacturers. Some of these balls are around $50 and can go up to $100, whereas some have a starting cost of $150 and can go up to $300.


Bowling is a fun activity and allows you to leave your house and cheer yourself up. Selecting the right bowling ball can make a huge difference in this game and can also be a daunting experience. However, if you keep in mind the factors mentioned in the buying guide above, you can find a suitable ball and enjoy the game to the fullest. Also, remember to read the tips mentioned above and play with a bowling ball that provides you a good grip throughout the game.

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